• 18,000 Square Ft Gym
  • Air Conditioning
  • Full-Sized Spring Floor
  • Full-Sized Flat Floor
  • Full-Sized Gymnastics Spring Floor
  • In Ground Olympic Sized Trampoline
  • 40' Tumble Trak
  • In Ground Foam Pit With Access From Tumble Trak and Spring Floor
  • Latest Gymnastics Training Equipment
  • Upstairs Parent Viewing Deck
  • Lobby/Seating Area
  • Wireless Internet Access For Your Enjoyment!

Questions & Answers

Do you have Competition Cheer and Competition Gymnastics?

Yes, we offer both competition Cheer and Gymnastics for both girls and boys.

Do you have a Foam Pit?

Yes, our Foam Pit is 16ft x 16 ft with multiple entries. We have a tumble trac, rod floor and our spring floor all have direct access to our Foam Pit.

How many Floors do you have?

We have 3 Floors. We have 2 spring floors, one is Competition Cheer size and the other is Competition Gymnastics size. We also have a Flat Floor for those school squads who do not want to tumble on spring floors.

Do you have balance beams and bars and vault like you see in the Olympics?

Yes. We offer both recreational and competitive gymnastics programs with all of the Olympic Events for both Boys and Girls.

Do you have a dedicated Preschool Area?

We call our preschool area, The Jungle. Painted with characters on the walls, the Jungle is a fun sized gymnastics area purely dedicated to our preschool program.

What else do you have at ACE of Gadsden?

ACE of Gadsden offers so much for your family. We have gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, preschool classes and so much more.