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Our classes are listed by day. If you are looking for a school squad class, they are listed after Thursday classes.

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Questions & Answers

Can I try a class before I register?

Yes, we offer a trial class for $1 for most of our programs. Simply call the office at 256-442-4200 to schedule your Trial class.

Can I change/cancel my class at anytime?

Yes, call our office at 256-442-4200 and they will help you change or cancel your class.

What happens after my trial?

After your trial ends, you can register for your desired class and begin the next time that class is taught. We will prorate your first month's tuition based on when you start.

Do you offer discounts for students?

Yes. We offer a sibling discount as well as a multi-class discount of 15%. We provide a referral credit when you refer a new athlete to our gym. The referral credit is equal to 1 month of the new athlete's tuition.

Why do I have to put a credit card on file?

A credit card assures that all accounts are paid in a timely manner.

Can I pay my bill with cash or check?

Yes. You can always pay with cash or check, as long as the payment is received at the Gadsden office by the 1st of the month. Your first month will be charged to your credit card to ensure the card on file is a vaild card.

Do you have a Registration Fee?

Yes. Our Registration Fee is $30 per athlete with a maximum family fee of $50. This fee is an annual fee paid at the time of registration and subsequently each January and is used to add your athlete(s) to our Liability Insurace Policy. We do prorate the Registration Fee starting in September.

What does my athlete need to wear to class?

Boys can wear a t-shirt and shorts. Girls can wear a leotard, but we do not require a leotard to be worn. A t-shirt and shorts are also acceptable. Shoes are optional for Cheer Tumbling Classes.